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Legal Translation

We are able to provide legal document translation services, as our legal translation team is specialized in legal terminology.

Translating legal documents is a highly complex process. We require legal knowledge of the person translating the document, which necessitates great precision in the rendering of terminology, as incorrect wording can affect the conclusion of the original text. This is why at Amper Translation, our translation agency cooperates with a strong legal background who have been trained in the country and have constant acquaintance with the language the legal text is being translated into. Thus, each legal document is certified by the appropriate attorney and is finally handed over to the client. 

Amper Translations undertake projects of any specialty and volume, such as: 

We are able to provide legal document translation services, as our legal translation team is specialized in legal terminology, required by these documents.

Medical Translation

People facing health problems may either need a second opinion from a specialist doctor abroad or decide to continue their medical treatment in a hospital abroad.
Thus, we are approached for translation services.

A number of translators are reluctant to undertake the translation of these clients’ medical documents afraid of committing a mistake upon translation. At our translation agency, none of the above is a problem, as we have assembled a team of certified translators who are involved in medical translations and have experience and expertise in specialized medical terminology. 

We translate various medical documents and texts, such as:

If you are looking for reliable, professional translations of medical texts, journal articles or patient information in a wide range of languages, our team is ready to serve you. 

Contact us today in order to request your free, no-obligation quote, on your medical translation needs!

Official Documents - Certificates Translation

Translations intended for use in public authorities in Greece or abroad are the translated certificates. These translations must be certified in any case, in order to demonstrate the authenticity and accuracy of the translation vis-à-vis the public authority intended to provide services.

Due to the specificity of the public authorities involved each country, validation by the lawyer of the translation agency alone is not sufficient for a large number of cases. This should not be a cause for concern! Our translation team know exactly in detail and precisely what you need in order for your document to be accepted by the public authorities in Greece as well as in any foreign country.

The following are some examples of certificates that require translation:

As a result of our translators’ years of experience, we are able to handle official translations of certificates. 

Diploma Translation

Over the last few years, an increasing number of young people are choosing to leave Greece either to look for work or to complete their studies. In many cases, international companies request that degrees acquired over the years in Greece be translated into their own language. Thus, these diplomas must be translated into the country of residence.

Our translation agency has many years of experience in translating diplomas and certificates. We would like to emphasize that, especially for language certificates, our official translations are accepted by ASEP.

The following are some examples of diplomas that require translation: 

We are able to provide diploma translation services, as our translation team is specialized in terminology, required by these documents. 

The Hague Apostille - Apostille

Quite often when documents are intended for use overseas you need to place the Hague Apostille (Apostille) on your documents BEFORE submitting the translation.
The Hague Apostille is affixed at the Prefecture of the domestic region where your document was issued. The Apostille is not affixed to documents issued electronically, via the gov website, but only to documents that bear a proper seal and signature by the relevant public authority.

It is worth noting that the Hague Apostille cannot be affixed in Greece on documents issued abroad. In Greece, if you wish to affix the Hague Apostille on a document issued abroad, you must apply to the competent authority of the country where the document was issued.

Our office is able to undertake the affixing of the Hague Apostille on your documents.

We will be glad to serve you! 

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