Bilingualism and Translation services

Globe on computer keyboard

Every person knows at least one language, which he routinely uses for speaking and writing. The majority of translators are bilingual, they learn a second language at a young age, until they master it. But first, it is important to mention the advantages of bilingualism. Improvement in linguistic and metalinguistic abilities, improvement of cognitive flexibility, […]

Considering a career in Translation

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Over the years, the interest in translation services has grown rapidly. As a result, more and more people are interested into becoming translators. Only few of them, suddenly, are lucky enough to be born in a bilingual family. To be a superb translator, one has to have been brought up speaking both, source and target, […]

Can the machine change the translator?

Notice board that says Hallo in different languages

The world is constantly changing, and technology evolves along with it. As time goes on, machines are replacing people more and more in all different kinds of professions. Same in the translation field, machines have made a dynamic entrance with the goal of replacing translators. However, there’s no proof that this replacement will ultimately be […]